Hot Blood & Cold Steel

Hot Blood & Cold Steel

Some 15mm WW1 figures on the HBCS cards showing a German in the trenches and four British soldiers (including two officers) launching an attack on the German sentry.

This is the WW1 night-time trench raiding game rule set that the domain was originally purchased for. It was designed as a WW1 skirmish game of night patrols in no-man’s land to be run as a participation game at a convention (and they were). Each player was a single member of the patrol, with their own character.

The rules were developed with the help of Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group and are a development from Jim Wallman’s Starship Soldier rules which are themselves a development of Starship Marine, a very fast play SF skirmish that I highly recommend. I added a number of features to tailor them to the night raiding, not least of which were limits to visibility and sound being important.



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