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a post-operation Press briefing from Democracy and Freedom Today! (Game played at CLWG on Sunday 2nd February 1997). This was run by Jim Wallman and was set in the not too distant future. Needless to say Democracy and Freedom Today! (aka DAFT) were somebody’s freedom fighters and the PEC’s terrorists

PEC Troops Terrorise Teenagers

In the early hours of this morning a heavily armed PEC force flagrantly violated Libyan territory in contravention to UN resolution 1385. The unprovoked raid by PEC forces quickly turned into an orgy of destruction, kidnap and murder.

The PEC killing spree started when a bus carrying school-children from the local academy for gifted children was ambushed on its return from a field trip. The children, aged between 12 and 16, had been out looking at the night sky as part of the Astronomy 101 course. The field trip was a regular routine that the PEC planners would have known about from their much vaunted satellite reconnaissance.

On hearing of the malicious murder of their class-mates other members of the Academy came out in an impromptu demonstration of sympathy in front of their dormitories. The PEC hovertanks then compounded their atrocity by mowing down the young demonstrators and destroying the dormitories with missile fire. These scenes were captured on camera by a courageous CNN crew who were then calously killed in cold-blood. Also killed at the same time was a PEC doctor who, realising the danger, obeyed his hippocratic oath by warning the demonstrators to run away.

It was at this point that the local militia appeared on the scene to chase the cowardly coalition cohorts away. During the engagement three PEC hovertanks were critically damaged and one knocked out. Several lighter vehicles were also hit and some helicopters downed. Libyan losses were much lower than had been expected for this type of operation. The main casualties were the civilians, 73 were killed at the Academy and nearby village and over 50 were kidnapped, presumably to be sold into the slavery of the capitalist corporations controlling the coalition.

The libyan Ambassador to the UN will be lodging an official complaint when this morning’s session opens later today. A suitable form of retaliatory strike is being considered should diplomatic action fail to produce suitable redress and bring the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice. A spokesman from Democracy & Freedom Today said “We can not tolerate the rich Northern Nations using bully-boy tactics to intimidate us in our own homes. This is the sort of action that we have been campaigning against for years”.

This is Ali Hussein, of Libya Today, reporting live from the scene of devastion in Northern Libya.

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