Megagame: Invasion from Mars 04

Dateline 3127.115-119

General Buck’s advanced HQ on West Continent, Cydonia

Following our previously agreed strategy the DRC Government wanted to appear ultra reasonable to external parties (and we’d spent some time working up our DRC Press Briefing and also making sure that we had briefed the INN reporters covering our war.

On Cromwell’s Land (the DMC continent) the Diggers & Miners Collective had agreed to our proposed cease fire and lines had stayed stable since 3127.100. Their willingness to compromise was helped by the assault landing by the IDA on their Northern coast (which was spontaneous and not co-ordinated with us).

We offered the New Cydonia Colony government an immediate ceasefire and offered to withdraw all our forces to the line as at 3127.100 in return for peace talks. While waiting for their response I was to avoid active military operations. All my units stayed in their current locations, using up four RMP to replace losses in units not engaged.

The enemy rebuffed our cease-fire offer rapidly, stating that they wished a personal apology from the President and reparations as well as a complete withdrawal. Accordingly we destroyed the remaining cadre of their tank brigade to the south of DEANVILLE. We also fought an inconclusive sea battle with their flotilla offshore from their capital AGRIPPA.

The MAFC GF Division moved south and assaulted KUTCHI capturing it at the cost of 2,500 civilian casualties. Our sea marine force (which was incapable of movement) caused casualties to the enemy before being destroyed. Some of the GF Division was able to bypass KUTCHI and move further towards ENSEMBLE given their massive over-match to our forces.

One of our Mech Brigades that had previously pushed south along the southern coast road in an attempt to secure a join-up with the advance air mobile forces withdrew to its previous start position.

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